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Cooling water and utility water filtration and pollution control for petrochemical refineries. Fouling of pipes and heat exchanging surfaces lowers the thermal efficiency of the system.

Fouling also increases the friction losses and induces erosion, corrosion, and energy waste by increasing the demand for a higher flow rate. Other problems include the plugging of spray nozzles, blinding of sensors, analyzers, as well as the wearing down of pump gland seals, scrubbers, misters, membranes, and ion exchanger columns. These issues cause unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance and cleaning and the loss of many production hours.

Filtration is one of the simplest and most convenient ways of solving these problems. Tekleen self-cleaning water filters provide the ultimate solution where dirty water is a problem. The filters operate on line pressure alone. The self-cleaning process is triggered by a pressure differential and is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the main flow. The filters are compact in size and designed to meet a variety of industrial applications. ASME code stamp vessels are also available as an option.

Case Studies

Tekleen Automatic Filters, LLC
Using Tekleen Filters in the Petrochemical Processing Environment

Read the full article here. There are many areas within petrochemical processing which use water that requires filtering. The filtered water can then be re-used and the debris ...

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