Sand Media Filter versus Automatic Water Filter Comparison

A TEKLEEN® water filter not only saves you time and money replacing cartridges and bags by automating the cleaning cycle, but is also more advanced and cost-effective than other water filter options available. Below is a comparison of a TEKLEEN® water filter with a sand media filter.

  TEKLEEN Automatic Filter Sand Media Filter
Filtration Technique Physical - Stops particulates larger than mesh opening, ignoring small particulates that can safely pass through the system. Statistical - Stops small irrelevant particulates. Sensitive to high dirt load of particulates.
Cleaning Mechanism Focused backwash. Cleans the entire screen area 100% from impurities. Uses 80 gallons per backwash for a 1,200 GPM single water filter. Impossible to ensure 100% cleaning of the sand media from impurities. Uses 4,000 gallons per backwash for 1,200 GPM (4x48" tanks).
Medium Stability Screen kept stable at all times. Sand must "float" during backwash. Sand will not return to original compacted state. Sand channeling occurs.
Installation Easy to install in any position. Requires concrete platform, pipings, electric power, etc.
Maintenance Virtually maintenance free - easy to dismantle. Internal maintenance laborious and costly.
Cost 25% less than sand media filters