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Irrigation filters for filtration of golf courses and turf. All modern irrigation systems need protection from particulates in the water supply.

Organic suspended solids such as algae, clams, shells, snails, sand, bugs, worms, and silt clog drippers, emitters, sprinklers, and solenoid valves. Plugged irrigation heads cause brown spotting. Immediate manual cleaning of heads and sprinklers is a must, incurring big costs.

Tekleen is the industry leader in turf irrigation filtration. Tekleen self-cleaning water filters provide a cost-effective and efficient means for dirty water filtration. They filter river, canal, lake, ditch, and well water to any irrigation system, including drip. Filters are available in sizes from 1" to 24", in all-SST construction at carbon steel prices.

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Tekleen Automatic Filters, LLC
Utilizing the Tekleen Filtration System to Keep a Golf Course Irrigation System Running Clean

Read the full article here. Scott Vlahos manages the maintenance of the Indian Hills Golf and Country Club in Riverside, CA. Golf course irrigation systems are subject to the ...

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