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Irrigation filters for watering of crops from ditch, well, river, or lake water sources. All modern irrigation systems need protection from particulates in the water supply.

Dirt such as algae, sand, clams, shells, snails, bugs, worms, and silt will clog drippers, taps, emitters, sprinkles, solenoid valves, and injection fertilizers. Crop yield reduction and brown spotting will show immediately, requiring manual cleaning of drip lines. This extra attendance consumes both time and money.

Tekleen water filters, the industry leader in agricultural irrigation protection, provide a low-cost, effective, and efficient means for dirty water filtration. They filter river, canal, lake, ditch, and well water to any irrigation system needs, including drip and tape. Available filter sizes range from 1" to 24" in all SST construction at carbon steel prices.

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