TEKLEEN® automatic, self-cleaning liquid filters offer a unique and innovative solution to filtration and screening problems in the sugar industry. They drastically reduce the time required to clean pipes, vessels, heat exchangers, evaporators, and screens.

TEKLEEN® filters are virtually maintenance free. They filter syrup or juice through a triple-layered stainless steel mesh screen. Liquids up to 76º Bx can be filtered at a maximum pressure of 150 psi (15 bar) and at temperatures of over 200ºF without ever plugging the screen. Depending on suspended solids content, single filters can handle up to 200 gpm (50m3/h). Filters installed in parallel function fully at even greater flow rates -- in fact, unlimited flow rates. Filtration ranges from 10µ to 400µ.

TEKRINSE®, a new screen cleaning technology, saves up to 95% of rinse water compared to previously run models. Automatic Filters, Inc., the manufacturer of TEKLEEN® filters, offers a wide range of competitively priced stainless steel filters rated to 150 psi (10 bar) and 225ºF (110ºC).

Plate evaporators are susceptible to blocking by solid particles or bagasse fibers, because of the small gaps. It is generally necessary therefore to have in-line strainers to remove these particles. Juice distributors on falling film evaporators are also susceptible to blocking with solid particles. The self-cleaning procedure lasts for 10 seconds without interrupting the main flow. It requires no external water source for flushing the screen. The rinse liquid is sent back to the clarifier, to the beginning of the process, to a filter press, or to a membrane. The filtrate or permeate can be sent back to the clarifier or forward downstream, depending on the system requirements.

There are many other applications for the TEKLEEN® filter in the sugar mill, including boiler feed water, cooling tower water, spray nozzle protection, irrigation, and more. The TEKLEEN® filter can replace multiple labor-intensive bag filters used as check-filters in several applications such as liquor or molasses filtration.

In short, TEKLEEN® filters will save the money otherwise spent in the labor of cleaning and replacing screens, bags, and cartridges every day the hard way. The high quality ABW series features a stainless steel body at the same low price of carbon steel in most models. Filters range from 1" to 24" and absolute filtration is to 10µ. The filters operate on water pressure alone (min. 35 psi) and are triggered by a d/p sensor.

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