Process water from a plant's cooling tower is often contaminated with airborne dust, pollen, algae, plastic fines, and pipe scale. These contaminates circulate through heat exchangers and chillers and significantly reduce the system's cooling ability. As a result, extruders, molding machines, molds, and compressors heat up and endanger the quality of the product manufactured as well as the machines. In many cases, chemicals and alternative forms of filtration are used without much luck. This problem results in unscheduled maintenance shutdowns which often cause considerable production losses.

TEKLEEN® self-cleaning water filters provide the ultimate solution where dirty water is a problem. The filters operate on line pressure alone. Self-cleaning is triggered by a pressure differential and is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the flow. The filters are compact in size and designed to meet a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Tekleen Filters Increase Efficiency at Hoffer Plastics

Tekleen filters were chosen at Hoffer Plastics because they use less water than other filtration methods, and are completely stainless steel, and not enameled surfaces.

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