Metal Processing

Continuous casting operations circulate water through hot wells, cold wells, and cooling towers to cool the jacket molds and metal products. During this process, dirt particles enter the system, clog the spray nozzles, and reduce the heat exchangers' ability throughout the entire cooling system. This affects the formation and consistency of the metal and causes spotting and break-out on the finished product. The result is unscheduled maintenance shutdowns, which often cause considerable production losses. Additional problematic spots in metal processing include pickling, cooling and lubrication, pump gland seal, river and lake water intake, heat treatment, ion exchange, process monitors, and more.

TEKLEEN® self-cleaning water filters provide the ultimate solution where dirty water is a problem. The filters are self-cleaning and operate on line pressure alone. They are compact in size and very easy to install, even in existing systems. They will never go off-line -- not even during the 5-10 second rinse cycle.

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Case Studies

New Water Filters Reduce Downtime at Steel Proccesing Plant

When Steel Dynamics’ Butler, Indiana, cold steel processing plant has to shut down its production line for any reason, the cost in lost production is about $25,000 per hour.

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