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Process water from the plant's cooling tower is often contaminated with airborne dust, debris, cardboard scraps, labels, and bacteria. These contaminates circulate through heat exchangers and chillers and significantly reduce the system's cooling ability. In addition, spray nozzles become clogged due to particulates in the system which endanger the quality of the product manufactured. In many cases, chemicals and alternative forms of filtration are used without much luck. This problem results in unscheduled maintenance shutdowns which often cause considerable production losses. This problem may also originate in the pasteurizing and cooling tunnels. Breakages plug the spray nozzles, spot the cans, and create a maintenance nightmare. Also, plant water supply from the municipality or from wells is often contaminated with dirt that causes unscheduled shutdowns for cleaning, costing many plant hours.

TEKLEEN® self-cleaning water filters provide the ultimate solution where dirty water is a problem. The filters operate on line pressure alone. Self-cleaning is triggered by a pressure differential and is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the flow. The filters are compact in size and designed to meet a wide variety of food processing applications. TEKLEEN® filters are available in SST (316L) construction at carbon steel prices.

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Get Your Water Free of Debris

Automatic, self-cleaning water filtration is an ideal solution for the food industry, as Bruce Foods - manufacturers of Cajun and Tex-Mex foods - learned. As part of Bruce Foods’ water conservation program, cooling water is recycled, however without filtration, the water would pick up dirt, dust, and other impurities that could stain the exterior of the food container.

Water Filter Defies Acid Rain

When processing up to 500 jars a minute of jams, preserves and other products, the last thing the Knott's Berry Farm Foods plant in Placentia, Calif wanted to worry about was the process water of the spray pasteurizer, but prior to installing an automatic, self-cleaning filter from TEKLEEN, they had a dedicated maintenance worker for just that task.

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