Drinking Water

Any water source that is used for drinking may have physical and chemical contaminates such as sand, silt, algae, worms, and snails, making the water unsafe for drinking. In many situations membranes and cartridge filters are used to rid the water of contaminants. This causes too many scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance, as well as manual cleaning and replacement of screens, bags, cartridges, and membranes, costing thousands of dollars.

TEKLEEN® from Automatic Filters, Inc. offers a unique cost-saving solution. The vacuum screen-cleaning mechanism aggressively suctions the dirt from the screen and flushes it out to the drain. Water flow is not interrupted, and the filters never requires shutdown for cleaning or maintenance. Filtration to 5µ.

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3 x ABW 6-XLP

Coca Cola, Norway

Drinking Water Customers

Case Studies

City of Flagstaff Solves Drinking Water Filtration Problem

The City of Flagstaff is supplied by surface water from Upper Lake Mary and the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks, as well as groundwater from several wells. Three years ago, two of the wells were producing sand and entrained gasses. To remove the gasses, the city bought membrane degasification equipment. However, the sand from the wells caused the membranes to tear and clog, requiring the use of filters in order to remove the sand and preserve the costly membrane equipment.

Sierra Brewing Company

Utilizing a Tekleen Filtration System for Cleaning Well Water

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