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Water re-use and recycling, cooling water, and spray nozzle protection. In the paper mills we can find many applications for the Tekleen filters such as: cooling water filtration, process water filtration, spray nozzles protection, shower water, pump gland seals, R/O prefiltration and many more.

Process water filtration in a paper mill often contains paper fibers. The removal of the fibers requires a special screen, which is called wedge wire or slotted screen. The unique advantage of these screens is that during the self-cleaning process, when the fibers are sucked out of the screen, they will not be stapled on the screen that will prevent the removal of the fibers. Stapling does take place with a wire mesh screens. Obviously, consideration must be given any time when a situation of fiber removal exists. Tekleen filters offer a unique advantage that is not available in many other filters. The unique advantage is the small size relative to the available flow rate and filtration capacities make them fit in many applications without requiring a large space.

Case Studies

Tekleen Automatic Filters, LLC
Mississippi Mud is No Match for Minnesota Paper Mill

Read the full article here.  Making wood and water come together to create high quality production-graded paper is the business of Blandin Paper, a subsidiary of UPM-Kymmene located ...

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