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Water reuse and recycle for car washes. Tekleen filters offer immediate benefits to water reclaim systems.

Tekleen filters offer immediate benefits to water reclaim systems. The reclaim systems usually contain four tanks that capture the water being used to wash the vehicles. As the dirt and road grime are rinsed off the vehicles, they drain into these tanks. The filters are installed on the last of the series of tanks removing all dirt particles prior to the water being pumped back to wash the vehicles.

Using filtered water to wash the vehicles helps eliminate spotting on the vehicles. Filtered water also protects spray nozzles from getting clogged and causing the car wash to shut down.

Tekleen filters remove very fine dirt particles, as small as 5-10µ without ever needing to shut down the filter for cleaning. They are maintenance free. Dirt build up on the screen causes a slight pressure drop at the filter outlet. Upon noticing such change, the electronic fuse controller actuates the filter to rinse itself. Flushing lasts 5 seconds and uses 2 gallons of water without ever interrupting the flow. The rinse water is sent to the first reclaim tank.

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