Sea Water Filtration

Sea water filtration and desalination requires costly and compatible materials that will not rust or corrode. The harsh environment requires effective and reliable performance.

TEKLEEN® filters offer a unique and cost effective solution to the growing needs of the sea water filtration industry. Filters are available in numerous materials: SST, hastalloy, monel, titanium, rubber-lined carbon steel, and tar epoxy-lined carbon steel. Filtration is to 10µ with sea water resistant material hastelloy "C."

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Sea Water Filtration filter installation photos

CSF 8 Coarse Screen Filter

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Filtered sea water from a ship’s ballast can be released back into the sea, eliminating the potential of unloading non-native and often invasive plants and animals where they don’t belong. Many cruise lines are using on-board filtration to clean their bilge water during the ballast water exchange.

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