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Any water source that is used for drinking may have physical contaminates such as sand, silt, algae, worms, and snails, making the water unsafe for drinking. In addition particulate or colloidal fouling of reverse osmosis (RO) elements can seriously impair performance by lowering productivity. An early sign of colloidal fouling is often noticed an increased pressure differential across the system. This causes too many scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance, as well as manual cleaning and replacement of screens and membranes. Tekleen filters offers now 2 micron automatic self-cleaning screen filters which will get rid of this dirt and will extend the life of the membranes. Tekleen also offers of testing the feed water measurement of the silt density index (SDI). This is an important measurement to be carried out prior to designing an RO pretreatment system and on a regular basis during RO operation. Tekleen filters is protecting Dow and DuPont membranes in many potable water treatment customers.

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