Tekleen Water Filtration System Replaces Sand Filters to Treat Geo-thermal Water at Giant Resort Swimming Pool

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Tekleen water filtration is installed in the geothermal pool water treatment system at 1000 Springs Resort. Resort owner Mark Henslee found Tekleen while searching for a less expensive option to replacing an existing sand filter. The Tekleen system was chosen for its reduced maintenance, self-cleaning features, and reduced transportation costs.

Swimming pools have unique issues to deal with, such as normal skin cell debris from swimmers, oily lotions, lint from swim suits and towels, and hair, all of which accumulate as a compact substance that is difficult to filter. Upgrades were required throughout the plumbing system, including the replacement of all piping, and a new pump and control panel. Fine tuning is ongoing for optimum service, since the pool must maintain the water level and also cooling of the incoming mineral water during the self-cleaning cycles. The system is running very successfully.

Installation Planning and Considerations

Two Tekleen filters installed in March 2015 are working at full capacity. The main pool, which is filled with geo-thermal water, is 60 x 120 feet in size. It is approximately 7.5 feet deep. This is equivalent to 54,000 cubic feet or nearly 404,000 gallons of water which is constantly being cleaned and replenished.

During a self-clean cycle, the challenge is to maintain pool water levels and comfortable temperatures. The Tekleen filters cycle 3 to 4 times a day. As of this writing, the Tekleen pool installation at 1000 Springs Resort is the only one of its kind in the country.

Information was kindly supplied during interviews with the resort owner Mark Henslee, and facility manager K.J. Coates.