Utilizing a Tekleen Filtration System for Landscape Irrigation at a Commercial Brewery

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Sierra Nevada has a longstanding commitment to sustainability. Part of this commitment is seen in its extensive water treatment program that works to provide clean water to the facility with little waste. The brewery captures rainwater for use in its irrigation system that waters the landscaped grounds and the on-site organic garden. Sierra Nevada uses permeable paving, which creates a biobed allowing rainwater to seep into the ground and into an underground cistern for storage. The cistern has a capacity of 460,000 gallons that is used in the drip irrigation system. The Tekleen filtering system for this use is model MTF3-L with a 50 micron filter. It prevents debris from accumulating in the drip system nozzles, so that there is a constant source ofirrigation water available. Downtime and labor for nozzle cleaning is minimized. Sierra Nevada selected Tekleen for its North Carolinafacility because of previous experience with a Tekleen installation at its Chico, CA brewery. Tekleen filters clean themselves of internal debris when sensors determine that it is required by measuring pressure. The filters discharge the accumulated debris, along with a minimum amount of wastewater. Separate Tekleen systems filter water from wells and also filter water to keep the facility cooling tower free of debris.